Water Poem

Water. Essential life-giving matter. A calming sound. A refreshing cleanser. A healing bath. A powerful, destructive force. Tears. Rain.

Water affects things differently…

It can smooth a rock in a creek by gently rolling over it over time OR sharpen a rock, making its edges jagged after continually pounding up against it. It can carry things long distances. It can drown things. It can give life. It can take it away.

Sometimes it is soaked in. Other times it rolls either over, around or through things.

The ocean and floods humble me like few things do.

I love water.

Enlivening. Calming. Refreshing. Healing. Empowering. Scary. Forgiving. Pliant. Gentle. Powerful. Sad. Humbling. Strong. Transporter. Peaceful. Relaxing.

I’ve always thought of water as a lot like God.

Water is earthly life. God is spiritual life.


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